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Jspeezy88s started this conversation
I'm 29 years old and I'm going through some very hard times. As a result so is my family exspecially my 2 year old Colt Justive. He is living with other people and I'm falling apart. Last year my house burned down and eveythinh I owned possession wide was taken from me. I stood tall and tried to do it on my own and figure my way back to living. I owned a fence business and was doing really well until I lost all my equipment. My son was living with his mother at this point. Depression wasn't going to get me down though and I kept driving to rebuild. On my way to work one morning on highway 155 I was hit by another driver speeding and talking on his cell phone. By the time I awoke in the ambulance the other driver had fleed the scene and left me with a totaled vehicle and more bills then I needed at this time.I've lost 2 jobs because of my lack of transportation now. Just when I start to build up to start investing some how I get hit by more. I'm trying to stay optimistic and keep positive but it's very hard right now. I'm independent and prideful. I need help please.
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